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Welcome to iON Performance. We're dedicated to providing the highest quality parts for all Subarus and niche market cars like the Mazdaspeed Protege. We also are involved with other imports, but generally All Wheel Drive & 4WD ones.

Being located in Canada a.k.a "the Great White North", allows us to test each of our parts fully to all extreme climate conditions for fitment, durability as well as performance. "Physics of Performance" is our motto, as there is extensive R&D that we put into of all our products.

We don't believe in "rice" parts to dress-up your car. All our parts perform, and are function over form.

We're here to make your car handle better, brake faster, and go faster safely. Please keep in mind that "Power is nothing without control" (quote from Pirelli Tires ad) A quick car isn't one with gobs of power, it's one that possess finesse with a combination of suspension, braking and engine parts. The world out there isn't all just straight roads, so go enjoy the twisties with a well balanced car.

We're available Monday to Fridays from 8am to 5:30pm Mountain Standard Time. (7am-4:30pm PST, 10am-7:30pm EST) Saturdays we're available by special appointment only.

Contacting us via Email or Phone is preferred. We generally answer emails within 48hrs or receiving them (most often less than 12hrs). Please be patient, as all emails are answered thoroughly and precisely to provide the best, most accurate information to our knowledge. We appreciate your interest.

iON Performance is a specialized automotive consulting company.
We cater to those who won’t settle for anything less then the best for their cars.
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